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In this ASCII rogue-like (dungeon crawls with randomized maps) the player explores 20+ levels of a dungeon in order to capture a magical artifact, the Sudbury Sapphire from a group of Imperial Dragons. Features include animated vine traps, labyrinth traps, torches on the walls that can be lit, and pools of vomit.

Note: MAG was originally developed in 1985 for UNIX.

MAG is an early and very difficult Rogue clone written by Mike Teixeira in 1991. The game as well as the source code is now public domain, thanks to the author. The lack of interesting plot and bland dungeon design puts this far out of a top game, especially since a lot of new Roguelikes (particularly ADOM and NetHack) have surpassed it in all areas, but the game is still worth a look for historical/nostalgic reasons ;) Here is what the author has to say about his development of the game: "[when] I wrote MAG, I tried to stay very true to the Rogue ideal. It's basically a slight super-set of Rogue. I did make an effort to treat monsters the same as the player. For example, intelligent monsters can pick up a wand and shoot the player. Monsters can also blunder into hidden traps just the same as the player. It is very difficult to win, but definitely possible from the reports I've gotten over the years."

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