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Rogue is a turn-based role-playing game notable for featuring ASCII text to depict the environment in which your character, represented by an "at" symbol, explores. Controls involve typing various two-key commands to move, attack, and so forth, with a description of the results appearing at the top of the screen. Your hero can interact with and store a number of items as you venture into a randomly generated dungeon in search of a legendary object named the Amulet of Yendor. If your hero should die, a completely new adventure will be generated the next time you play. The game was initially designed for and distributed on UNIX platforms, with later versions adapted for release on multiple formats.

This classic dungeon-crawl uses ASCII characters (letters and some symbols) and basic colors to depict a rogue's epic adventure through the infamous Dungeon of Doom. Using a host of weapons and items, he explores the dark dungeons one step at a time in turn-based mode. There are 25 different types of monsters, symbolized with their initial letter (L for Leprechaun for instance) and they have different abilities and modes of attack. The dungeons are different each time you play the game. In their deepest level the greatest prize awaits...

Rogue - The Adventure Game is a game that every one should have played at least once. Rogue is more than a classic. Rogue is a piece of history.

The game is set in an underground world named "The Dungeons Of Doom". As usual, you play a young adventurer seeking fame and, well, treasure. Lots of it. To get what you want, you have to explore a vast dungeon system and fight myriads of monsters on the way. Somewhere in the end, the Amulet of Yendor is awaiting you. Of course, there's also that mean wizard guarding it. Well, well, life is always the hardest on those who seek eternal happiness.

The graphics in Rogue are entirely ASCII-based. That means letters are used for everything. For example, the 26 monsters in the game are all represented by capital letters. While this makes it easy to run Rogue in a dumb terminal, in present times, the graphics are way beyond outdated. The original Rogue was monochrome, but color has been added in later versions and clones of the game, making it easier to identify your surroundings. Sound and music are both non-existent in Rogue, also adding to the nostalgic feeling.

In my opinion, you should not be reading this. You should be downloading.

Rogue - The Adventure Game is definitely worth playing it - despite being conceived in the early eighties.

Rogue: Adventure is an ASCII colour adventure game. You travel through levels killings monsters, picking up weapons and potions and collecting money. You have stats like Hits, Strength and Armour and as you kill monsters you gain levels making you more powerful. Its not a bad game and the levels seem to be generated randomly making each game different. But seeing that the game has no story line you have no idea what the game is about.

Rogue is a very simple ASCII based dungeon exploration game that sparked off a whole generation of imitations: Angband, Nethack, Ragnarok and ADOM to name a few. It's charm lies in its very simple control system, graphics (B=a bat, S=a snake etc) and almost endless replayability. There isn't a whole lot else to say about it, just download it yourself and see.

You ever heard them talk of the rogue-style games? Did you ever wonder what they mean by this? Well, in short words: Rogue was the first open ended ever changing RPG. Everytime you play it it comes up with a new dungeon. Your task is simply to stay alive for as long as possible, go deeper into the dungeon and collect as much gold as possible. On your way you meet monsters, find treasures, magical objects etc. This game comes along very simple but casts its spell on you immediately. You sit there trying to proceed further and further, building up your character to explore the next level and get some more gold.

This game is among the 5 or maybe 10 standard setting games ever made. Hundreds of games have been modelled after its concept. Millions of players all around the world have been playing it for years and years now. Although there have been MANY clones, enhanced versions and so on the classic still remains unreached in its simplicity and the ingenious idea. It's just pure roleplaying in this nice ASCII-environment (yes, I really prefer that as it underlines the spirit of the game). I could go on like this for ever, best is you just have a quick look at it - I guarantee you, if you're an RPG-fan it will be more - far more - than just a QUICK look!

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