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The imposing castle gates loom directly in front of you. The peace and tranquility of the realm have been devastated by the return of the Demon and his dark minions. Each of the four Clans has selected the strongest, wisest and most courageous warrior to enter the Demon's multi-layered fortress to hunt down and destroy his vast legion of vile and craven creatures. As the chosen champion of your clan, you must enter the dark and dangerous lair and recover the lost Crown of Peace and fight your way to the final confrontation with the Demon. Only then can the realm live in harmony once again.

In Clans, developed by Computerhouse and Strategy First, you play as one of four champions chosen to rebuke and destroy the Demon and his army of evil denizens. You'll adventure alone into seven distinct levels of mayhem, using guile, strength and magic spells as you go ever deeper in your quest for the Crown of Peace. The journey will be fraught with danger as each step offers the possibility of encountering any number of monsters whose entire reason for existence is a wanton desire to kill anyone who crosses their path, in some cases, even each other.

A dozen evil and aggressive types of demonic soldiers will constantly confront you and even hunt you down if you try to avoid them. Included are goblins, dark elves, lillfets, two kinds of orcs, undead skeletons, trolls, reptiles, two classes of magic wielding mages, ravens and lastly, the Demon himself. The four types of champions from which you choose your on-screen alter ego consist of a warrior, barbarian, elf or dwarf, each with specific attributes that improve through experience and the use of various weapons, potions, scrolls and magic.

Potions and spells can be combined to make the effects of usage more powerful and the darkened environment contains various items such as armor, shields, gold, potions, rings and weapons to pack into your inventory for use at the appropriate time. Spells include fireball, explosion, confusion, lightning bolt and meteor rain while rings and potions come with varying degrees of potency and adjustable strengths.

In this role-playing action/adventure, gameplay is conducted from a third-person, isometric perspective with the interface a simple point-and-click affair with supporting keyboard shortcuts. Clans offers multi-player action for up to four players over the Internet or a local area network. Multi-player modes include death match, cooperative or Gold Rush, the latter offering two types of games based on collection of gold.

Clans features a large contingent of non-player characters with whom you interact, three types of transportation portals for moving around within a level, dynamic lighting effects and various puzzles to overcome. The levels of the Demon's lair consist of At the Gates, Underdark (a cavern filled with molten lava), the Chambers of Torment (dungeons) and The Commoner's Quarters. Rounding out the seven locales is the Garden of Eternity, The King's Quarters and finally, The Dragon's Den.

So, choose your champion, grab your weapon, rev up the mana and, if you dare, enter the dark and challenging realm of Clans. The Demon is waiting for you!


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