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The hero of Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon is Roszandas, a human male who has been resurrected by Hedral (God of the Knowledge of Infinity), to fight the forces of evil. In the ten years since his death, the forces of good have struggled and the land of Gorasul is in great peril. You, as the hero, are an unusual man, raised by a dragon and given the magical breath of life, which gives you strange powers and abilities that you've fought to control your entire life.

The storyline is created through the use of animations, some with more interest and information than others, interspersed throughout the game. Characters are easily identified and change in appearance when donning new armor or weapons. Spells and dragon skills have unique graphics, which make it easy to determine the type of magic a companion or enemy is using.

At the start of the game, Roszandas' resurrection can take the form of a character in one of several classes: Warrior, Priest, Magician, Spell Worker, Sword Bearer, or Woodsman. A set number of points are available in a painless process for distribution among attributes of strength, dexterity, intelligence, constitution, and charisma. His Dragon Skills, separate from the human qualities, are governed by a point system and include dragon attributes of fear, strength, breath, and eye, and are automatically activated when Roszandas is in grave danger.

Gameplay is enjoyable and the swift pace keeps interest high. The ability to tailor the game to your liking is a huge plus, with three settings available: fight intensive, quest intensive, or quest/fight intensive. The quest intensive mode features puzzles and riddles to solve, but some are awkwardly worded due to the initial translation from the German script, though all can be solved without help.

During the game, the hero chooses one of seven intelligent companion weapons for use on his journey that occasionally give him advice. The weapons, like the basic attributes and Dragon Skills, also have points distributed at the outset and can gain levels and more points through experience. The combination of dragon skills and intelligent weapon companions makes Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon somewhat unique in the genre of fantasy RPGs.

The game contains a significant amount of interaction with non-player characters and the choice of response by Roszandas gives you a degree of control. Side quests are plentiful, but not absolutely necessary to complete the main quest and banish evil from the land. The save feature lets you save at any point during the adventure, which is important since the hero and his companions can die in battle.

Graphics: Items and objects strewn about the environment are distinctive in appearance and easy to identify. The cursor changes to indicate several activities, such as examining an item, talking to a character, or leaving an area.

Sound: Sounds are highly variable, and while many of the background music selections are not memorable, some are interesting and help create the mood appropriate for a fantasy adventure, especially when battle is eminent. Each spell has its own magic word spoken by the character when cast.

Enjoyment: The combination of features and RPG elements offers interesting and diverse gameplay. Separate dragon skills and intelligent weapons make the title somewhat unique from similar fantasy games in the genre. The story is intriguing and the pace is good.

Replay Value: With six character classes, varying weapons, and customizable game settings, replay value is above average.


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