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A great sequel to one of the best freeware console-style RPGs, Laxius Power II is even larger and more polished than Laxius Power, the prequel which was already an epic-sized RPG. Everything that was great about the first game has been improved and magnified in this one: a bigger gameworld, more subquests, better graphics, and more interesting NPCs than the original. Yoi can now control all 4 heroes of the saga, each of whom follows his or her own agenda throughout the game.

Fans of the original game will note right away that the graphics is much better. There are now neat fog effects, and the gameworld in general is more detailed. Like the first game, Laxius Power II is huge - expect to spend at least 25 hours on this one - and many more if you try to do as many subquests as possible. While the plot is somewhat cliche, many cutscenes and plot twists keep things interesting. What also sets Laxius Power II apart from most console RPGs is that the designer is not afraid to tackle many mature and controversial subjects you don't commonly see in "cute" anime games. Throughout the course of the game, you will watch characters deal with rape, homosexuality, and other difficult subjects. The game handles these situations quite realistically without many "cheap shots," although regrettably stereotypes are sometimes used haphazardly to justify or at least explain the situation, without delving deeper into each character's personality.

The gameplay is fun - nothing innovative here, but standard console RPG mechanics are implemented well. You will fight numerous enemies, wield powerful weapons and spells (some of which can call powerful gods/goddesses to your aid), and explore dangerous dungeons. My only gripe is that the 4 heroes' destinies are not equally interesting, and some are much more difficult/longer than the others. The game also has a few bugs, typos, and grammatical errors/quirks - probably due to the fact that it was written as a French game, only to be translated afterwards. But overall, the good points more than outweigh the bad. If you like console RPGs, Laxius Power II will surprise you with its size, plot focus, and a very professional look. Highly recommended.


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