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Many of you will certainly remember the good old game called Lemmings from Psygnosis (from 1991). This game is called Hamsters but the game concept is the same: Save as many of the creatures as possible. Just as the lemmings, the hamsters in this game have different moods and characteristics. You can set their moods (such as sleep, digging etc) by clicking on them. By assigning them tasks in a tactical fashion you will manage to get them to the exit(s) of the level. There are 83 levels in this game. The graphics feels old but that's not necessarily bad if you are a nostalgic gamer.

Hamsters is a charming Lemmings knock-off, with the player again in charge of issuing instructions to individual members of a stream of little rodents toward the goal of ushering them toward a level exit (through 83 levels in the registered version!) and their continued survival, all under a time limit. Some of the 12 hamster activity types are highly reminiscent of those of Lemmings -- Sleepers, Jack-Hammerers and Burrowers Down are just renamed from the original -- while others, as in Shoujo Attack! have been assigned more whimsical abilities than in their predecessor, the Catapulter, Sticky Roller and Anti-Gravity Hamster among them.

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