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Although called The Shadow of Yserbius, this Sierra redirection of the game from an online multi-player fantasy game to a one-person role-playing version actually encompasses two games: The Shadow of Yserbius and The Fates of Twinion. The games come with both single- and multi-player modes, literally thousands of opponents to encounter and a vast world filled with hundreds of inventory items and quests.

Considered "dungeon-quests" by the designers, at the time of release (1993), these two game had a support system for multi-playing at the ImagiNation Network on the Internet. In true role-playing fashion, however, the player builds his or her character based on unique strengths, weaknesses, endurance and abilities. Level advance requires acquisition of experience and spells, quest completion and combat prowess.

In The Shadow of Yserbius, you can choose your character from eight races and affiliation with one of six guilds. Male or female preference is accommodated as is choice of philosophy: harmony or chaos. Gameplay is seen from a first person perspective and the crux of the story is revealed slowly as you gain access to the many hidden areas of the dungeons.

The Fates of Twinion, the sequel to Yserbius, has the same properties of character generation as its predecessor in nearly every way. Perspective is still from a first person viewpoint and plotlines are revealed the deeper you penetrate into the hidden areas of the volcano Yserbius. There are three main areas within the game including the Twinion Tavern, a meeting place for online participants, the Guild Hall where inventory management is effected and the Dungeons themselves, where the adventure aspect lies.

The manual contains full disclosure of the various magic spells available, creatures and beings to be encountered, race characteristics, guild information, alignment proclivities and a breakdown of skills by guild. The interface is mostly point-and-click or point-and-drag and a system of on-screen icons and buttons is used to access various features in the game. Once a character has reached level 20 during on-line play, if you choose to take him or her off-line, the character cannot be used on-line from that point.

You create a character and journey as a solo adventurer into the dungeons and depths of the volcano Yserbius. You see the game from a first-person perspective as you journey through Yserbius. The story slowly unfolds as your character advances in experience while exploring the volcano.

Shadow of Yserbius was the single-player, non-networked version of the popular graphical multi-user dungeon game on The Sierra Netw

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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