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Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest begins as a sub-standard RPG or action/adventure storyline, but improves by letting you design your own characters. You soon realize, however, that there are only so many characters to choose and once you create yours, you're pretty much stuck with them for the entire game. In the end, Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest turns out to be a decent enough game that's certainly not without fun, but nothing to get excited about.

The storyline begins interestingly enough, chronicling the demise of a land due to the over-zealousness and arrogance of the rulers; it then trails off into a tale of four characters wanting to find treasure. The character creation option is nice, allowing you to choose from sixteen different character images and eight classes, each with special abilities, such as the fighter's ability to shield him or herself, or the mage's ability to fire magic. After choosing your character, you create you're a name and choose attributes. Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest is unique in that your entire team is of your own creation with all four being created at the beginning of the game. You can create many more, but can only use four in the game.

Once begun, gameplay has many different options. You're able to move in all directions and, while doing so, rotate the screen. Sometimes this is a nice feature; at other times, it just makes you sick. Either way, it's an interesting idea. Mostly, Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest plays like a Legend of Zelda adventure without the 3D rotations. Although the game can be fun and has difficult end bosses, lengthy play gets tiresome. It's not very motivating to jump into battle with hundreds of monsters for fabled treasure. Perhaps a world event or some other game element might have helped.

The unique feature of the game is its multi-player mode where up to four players can individually control characters. It's not often you see a role playing/action adventure game allowing so many people to play at the same time. To accomplish this, however, you need an adapter and four different controllers, something most gamers aren't likely to possess on their home PC. In this regard, the PlayStation version of the game is probably better for this purpose.

Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest does have plenty of different spells, equipment and other RPG standards that make the game decent. Even with the lacking storyline premise, the fun and tailor-made options are reason enough to call this a good game.

Graphics: The colors are nice and screen rotation is a great feature allowing you to look at the game from several different perspectives at any given moment. Oddly, the characters don't have mouths; I don't know who reached this decision, but how do they eat?

Sound: Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest has a Japanese, anime-style cartoon theme with appropriate music and sounds.

Enjoyment: An overall enjoyable game that gets repetitive and annoying.

Replay Value: Once you know the ending, you may not want to play again, but replay value gains nicely because with each new adventure, you can create an entirely new cast of characters.


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