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Demise takes place in the city of Dejenol. First you must create a four-member-group of adventurers, choosing from 12 character classes with 9 different races. When you're done, you start slashing monsters in the nearby dungeons with no apparent reason. You play in the first- person, but the character's animation wasn't as smooth as I would've expected. Primary, and it turned out to be the only goals in the game were gathering items, valuables and gaining experience, along with killing enemies and dungeon exploration. Not so much for the massive game this is. The majority of control interface is divided onto submenus, which are pretty difficult to use and control. Some help I got using keyboard shortcuts, but to find them was a time consuming act.

Killing monsters and gathering fortune became a routine after a while, you might even get tired of it. When you have enough of jewels, gold and other valuables, you must go back to the city and sell the goods to get money for it (which is all that counts?!?). Gathering experience points enable your characters to advance levels, which strengthen overall characteristics. You gain levels in the guild Hall, where you can switch guilds if you wish. There are no side tasks so the story line goes like this: slash every monster you encounter, gather valuables, sell them for money and heal your wounds.

The combat is completely automatized, so when you enter the room crowded with enemies, you just need to start a fight and computer takes over from there, controlling both sides - yours and your adversaries'. While "you" fight the enemy using axes, swords or claws, a computer calculates parameters in the real time mode, letting you hope that you'll win in the end. After such combats characters must return to city for an energy refreshment and they must gain levels, or otherwise they'll stay in dungeons forever. The common thing is that once killed monster will appear on the higher level threatening you again, which means that they can self-regenerate. Advancing in the lower dungeon levels presumes more sophisticated opponents, showing us that this is a higher level adventure game.

A delay factor that surrounded Demise publishing might be one of the reasons for the low quality graphic engine. 2D portraits of characters are pretty hand-made drawings. It seems that the 3rd dimension was a task too big for the Demise programmers, regarding floors and ceilings which are unimaginatively textured. A dungeon comprises a hall and a room poorly decorated with too-simple-too-please textures. Even monsters don't look pretty (should they?), they appear to be square (four-sided), poorly animated and most of the time ridiculous. The music background is no better. Symphony like themes and ambient sounds which follow a "thrilling" exploration create a nice element of uncertainty, but still not enough to immerse you in the game. Sound effects are more pleasing, especially teleport sounds or slapping on the water, steel striking against steel. Apart from looking friendly, monsters have very strange voices, fleeing from the sight in panic they sound a real fun. But when you hear adventurers that you can recruit in city talk, I bet you will not!

Demise has a very good multiplayer support, you can even play along with fifteen mates over TCP/IP. There is no fighting allowed among fellow mates in the multiplayer mode, but all of sixteen players crawl dungeons together helping each other.

Magic spells and various items takes up a special room in the character's inventory, thus enabling you to control a huge number of spells, much more then in similar games. The atmosphere is one of the things about Demise that real fantasy fans will enjoy the most, and this cannot be affected even by poor graphics and tedious sounds in the most parts of the game.


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