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You thought the days of simple and addictive puzzle games had come to an end? You obviously forgot JoWood's latest Puzzler: Pusher. Your goal is to shoot colored spheres against each other. When 3 (or more) spheres of the same color are connected to each other, they disappear. You can play in two modes.

The Normal Mode: You'll have to fight your way through lots of levels, but you have to complete a level in a certain time frame.

The Puzzle Mode: You get a predefined placement of some spheres, and you'll have to use a limited number of spheres to complete the level (make all the spheres disappear).

The graphics are pretty good, not very fancy, they fit excellent in the atmosphere of the game. Although the pop-up windows could have been somewhat more fitting into the rest of the lay-out.

Sound and music are good. A nice, relaxing music when you're feeding your addiction is always a good thing.

You might say, "been there, done that", but no, you haven't. I found it quite a surprise myself, but this game is superaddictive.


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