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It's difficult to place Stuart Little into any equation and not have an instant classic since there's nothing little about the lovable Stuart. Though Stuart Little 2 for PC surely won't become a classic, it does deliver the sweetness of Stuart while offering a variety of games that aren't horribly affected with control issues. Based on key scenes from the same titled movie, Stuart Little 2 displays well, controls easily and is brought convincingly to life on the computer screen.

Players not only get to drive Stuart's cool convertible (his original mode of transportation), they also get to help him pilot his most recent conveyance -- the model bi-plane. By staying true to the familiar story, Stuart Little 2 easily draws kids into gameplay. Three difficulty settings allow a wider age range to equally enjoy the challenges, while the brevity of the overall game keeps familiarity from breeding contempt. Catering to a variety of player needs, each of the five games present a simple challenge preceded by a brief cut-scene explaining the objective. A help icon is always available for interactive explanations if a player should happen to be stumped.

In all five games, Stuart is mobile, yet the games including his car and plane are the most fun. Drain Game plays like an arcade maze game and features the most exciting action as Stuart unstops vegetable clogs in the drain with his plunger. Yet regardless of the game, the difficulty settings do help tailor the challenge to age appropriateness.

Though the game has periodic glitches in the movement, the graphics flow remarkably well, and for the most part Stuart responds admirable to the sometimes-quirky keyboard controls. During Roof Skate, older kids may be frustrated at Stuart's inability to turn mid-air, but smaller children will likely appreciate the delay should they decide to change direction. While driving the car and flying the plane, the controls are so basic that anyone can successfully navigate the game.

Possibly the biggest drawback to Stuart Little 2 is its short duration. Each of the five games is over before you know it, and had a few more games been included, it would have packed a bigger punch. Yet, with absolutely no offensive content, no violence, and no aggression, the game is appropriate for even the smallest of players, and the brevity allows for a quick sense of accomplishment. Whether five or nine, (or 59), Stuart's arcade-style adventures will prove entertaining to big Little fans.

Graphics: A nicely animated Stuart Little displays nicely against colorful background scenery.

Sound: Audible and yet not overpowering, the sound effects and music blend well. The commentary, though repetitive, does not easily grate the nerves.

Enjoyment: A very simple and entertaining game for ages four and up.

Replay Value: Being short and sweet by nature means children can accomplish gameplay quickly. Competing for high scores against other family members makes for a lot of fun.


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