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In Arthur's Reading Race, based on the book of the same name by Marc Brown, Arthur and his sister, D.W. make a bet. If D.W can read ten words on their walk to the ice cream store, he will buy her an ice cream cone.

Part of the text, some in blue, shows at the top of the screen, and an animated Arthur and D.W. provide the rest of the dialogue. When the player clicks on words, they turn into tiny pictures, and cute animations ensue.

The story itself has two options. The player can either have it read to him or her, or explore the story at his or her own pace. They can also have a reading race where players read a series of words and choose between three pictures. If they choose the picture that matches the word, they move ahead the number of spaces equal to the letters of the word. If the player gets the word wrong, he or she stays where they are. Just like Chutes and Ladders, there are shortcuts that move you forward and hazards that move you back. Winners get to choose a flavor of ice cream they eat by clicking. When the ice cream is gone, you can either play another game or choose another activity in a CD-Rom that is sure to delight children who enjoy the adventures of Arthur in books or on TV.

Graphics: Excellent graphics look just like the animated show.

Sound: Sounds are loud, clear, and easy to understand.

Enjoyment: Children will find this game extremely enjoyable.

Replay Value: Kids will probably keep going back until they outgrow it.

In Arthur's Reading Race by Living Books, the main character Arthur challenges his younger sister D.W. to read 10 words. If she can read that many words he will buy her ice cream. They travel through the town along with Arthur's dog Pal, finding all kinds of words while having fun along the way. As with other Living Books series, the title presents pages that are drawn in a brightly colored cartoon style with animations.

Arthur's Reading Race has several other mini games inside the pages for children to explore. You can match words with pictures, and, in a board game race, move your pawn ahead by the amount of letters in a word. There is an I-Spy game, where objects are described and the player must find them in the picture. Many hidden objects within the pages are waiting to be found by clicking on them. You can also click on any of the words of the story and hear them repeated to promote reading skills.

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