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Traveler, are you ready for a fantastic voyage? Are you ready to journey with me to Worlds that defy explanation?

For many years, Rodney Matthews has taken travelers, just like you, on an incredible voyage of imagination. To Worlds filled with aliens, creatures and moons that never set. Across skies lit with the red of blazing suns. Over vast frozen wastelands. Through dense forests peopled with legends.

Let Rodney and me, your Navigator, take you there and bring you safely back to the confines of Earth, where ideas are first born. Where there is beauty in nature and in life.

This CD-ROM will take you Between Earth and the End of Time, visiting worlds created in the imagination of one of the greatest fantasy artists of our or any other time. Meet Rodney Matthews himself. Discover hidden Worlds on your own. Create your own works of fantasy art. Solve the mystery of the ethereal castle and receive your just rewards. Explore over two decades of fantasy illustration by Rodney Matthews. All accompanied by a custom soundtrack by rock legend Rick Wakeman.

Come traveler, and journey with me to the End of Time.

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