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Blind Justice is a post-modern fantasy role-playing game. You are a shapeshifter - a genetic experiment which has managed to escape an "induced artificial selection" test. During the game, you unveil the religious system which underlies your ability to shapeshift. With each new form, your soul reverts back into a previous form - into a life that hadn't been fulfilled. Initially, the government suspects that you were the leader of the resistance in a previous life. In an attempt to salvage information, you are given the ability to shapeshift. Your escape gives the government every motivation for hunting you down.

Blind Justice is a post-modern RPG in which you play an unwilling shapeshifter on a lam. In this world, your soul reverts back into previous lives with each new form you gain. The government suspects that you were leader of a rebellion in your previous lives, so it gives you the ability in an attempt to gain information. This intriguing plot unfortunately drowns amidst frustrating combats, poor puzzles, and bland graphics. Overall, a game that foreshadows Dreamforge's 1998 classic Sanitarium in plot and style , if only half as good.

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