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Charles Schultz's famous and lovable comic strip characters come to life as the Peanuts gang teams up to help children learn vocabulary, spelling, and reading through a variety of letter -- and word-related activities. By spending a day in the life of Charlie Brown, children can learn new words, practice spelling, create sentences and stories, read comics, and play games with the Peanuts kids. An intuitive user interface, coupled with top-notch music and animation, makes it fun to use. Its activities, like Hangman and the Spelling Bee, may seem like old standbys, but the title presents them with an entertaining, Peanuts-style twist. More important, they are challenging and effective at improving spelling and vocabulary. While no one will view the integrated dictionary as a substitute for a full-featured multimedia dictionary, its entries are all first vocabulary words and the program fosters its use. The game is recommended for ages 4 to 8. It has 3 levels of difficulty, and there's integrated into the program an illustrated, 1,000-word dictionary.

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