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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis starts out on Zoombini Isle, where you are asked to make a group of sixteen Zoombinis. You must choose between different hair-styles, eyes, feet and nose colors, giving only two Zoombinis each the same features.

This game offers 12 different activities, but only nine will be used in any one trip. After the Zoombinis leave their isle on the Big, Bad and Hungry trail, they are asked to cross the Allergic Cliffs. Two rope bridges across the cliffs will only let certain types of Zoombinis across, and throw off those that are unsuitable. Kids must figure out which types of Zoombinis a bridge won't accept and let those cross on the other bridge.

After that is the Stone-Cold Caves. A variation on the bridges, this uses rock creatures for the same sort of problem, but a bit more complicated.

Pizza Pass, the third activity in the first leg, again asks the player to make a pizza for a troll only with the toppings he likes. The variations are larger here than before.

After this leg, the Zoombinis can rest. If a full group of 16 doesn't survive the trip, the player must go back to the isle and make more. Once he has 16 Zoombinis at the rest stop, he can go either north or south.

North takes the Zoombinis along the Who's Bayou. At Captain Cajun's Ferryboat, the player must align his Zoombinis so those sharing features sit near each other. Each Zoombini must share one feature with the Zoombini adjacent.

Afterwards, you meet the Titanic Tattooed Toads. They agree to carry your band across the swamp. Each told has a symbol on it and can only cross on lillypads with its symbol. You must chart a path across the swamp for the toad.

From there, it is on to the Stone Rise, where the Zoombinis must make the right connections to continue the journey. When all of the electrical connections are red, you have succeeded.

If the Zoombinis go south, they must pass three other areas. Both are reunited for the final part of the Journey to the new Zoombini village. If a player succeeds in bringing all 16 zoombinis through any part of a journey, the difficulty is increased when he journeys through it again. Should the player bring all 16 zoombinis through the last part of the trail successfully, a special building is raised in the new Zoombiniville. 16 special buildings are possible.

Graphics: Nicely cartoonish, the graphics may make you chuckle but are wonderfully clear.

Sound: The music is low-key so as not to intrude.

Enjoyment: The game gets much harder as you successfully complete the early sections, but remains a challenge at all levels.

Replay Value: The game lets the player rescue as many Zoombinis as they wish, so the game is really endless.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is an educational game designed to promote logical thinking in children of all ages. When the Zoombinis home, Zoombini Isle, is taken over by creatures called Bloats, they decide to escape to a new home. But they can only 16 at a time, and they must cross many obstacles that require logic to get past. It's up to you to get past all the puzzles to get all of the Zoombinis to their new home.

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