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This is the critically acclaimed multimedia investigation into the dark and terrifying world of serial homicide. You will find chilling video confessions of serial killers, video interviews with criminals like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, serial killer artwork, rare audio recordings, video news footage and hundreds of photographs. An interactive mapping program displays the distribution of serial homicide cases through the centuries and around the world. Examine detailed 3-D computer animated recreations of a famous crime scene. Fourteen famous cases are examined in detail, with video mini-documentaries and commentary by former FBI agent Robert Ressler, who has personally interviewed most of these most notorious felons. In all, there are over 80 minutes of video. And to explain the cases, the psychology behind the crimes, and the methods used to apprehend the criminals, Mind of a Killer presents extensive video commentary by former FBI agents and forensic psychologists, linked to hundreds of pages of hypertext information, including the books "Serial Murderers and their Victims" by Eric W. Hickey, "Sexual Homicide Patterns and Motives", by Robert K. Ressler, et al, "Hunting Humans, the Encyclopedia of 20th Century Serial Killers" by Michael Newton, and excerpts from the "FBI Handbook of Forensic Science".

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