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Billed as the "ultimate multimedia reference for every basketball fan," Microsoft Complete Basketball includes over 100 video and sound clips as well as 5,000 photographs. Search through the database of NBA players and coaches to view profiles and statistics (leading up to the 1994-95 season), or jump to your favorite team to examine its history, rosters, schedules, and more. Test your NBA knowledge in the "All-Star Trivia Challenge," which features over 1,000 questions.

This encyclopedic disc has perfectly chosen full-motion video clips of great plays, brief team and player profiles, and addictive trivia. It more than lives up to its name. The easy-to-use interface leads to seven categories: Almanac, Chronicle, Players, Trivia, Teams, Records, and Daily. There are stats for every NBA player dating back to the league's inception in 1946, and the help icon does a fine job of aiding in any search for either player or team information. The Almanac allows the user to sift through every season. You can check on the league leaders or peruse the final standings, including a complete bracket of the postseason results. It also has data on awards and honors, all-star games (with box scores) and the annual draft.

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