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The life of architect Frank Lloyd Wright is examined in this multimedia CD-ROM filled with illustrations, narration, videos, music, and photos. You'll examine Wright's most famous works in detail, listen to his personal observations, and take interactive tours through the Robie House, Ennis-Brown House, and Larkin Building. Also included is the "Wright Modeler," where you can build your own structure using various decorative shapes and fixtures inspired by the famed architect.

If you think great architecture merely means a roof that doesn’t leak when it rains, The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright: America’s Architect should prove enlightening. After diddling with its many bells and whistles, you’ll likely embrace the cool Wrightian principle: Architecture is the frame of life. Walk through computer-rendered simulations like the long-demolished Larkin Building, then click on the time line, which almost makes you feel as though you’re there with Wright. Or try building your own virtual Wright dwelling. Beautifully executed, this is an honest overview of the sometimes tortured genius.

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