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While Mario Teaches Typing 2 is touted as being for people 6-101, adults will quickly get tired of the rather cheesy graphics and juvenile look and set-up of the program.

The game starts off with players choosing which character they want to represent them. This is either Mario, Luigi or Princess Toadstool. This character then becomes your alter-ego as you play the game.

Once you have chosen a character, you can choose the step by step course, an evaluation test or a choose your own level. The Step by Step course starts players out at the beginning level and moves them through to the Advanced Level.

The Typing test takes two minutes and is suggested for those who already have some typing experience, while the choose your own level allows you to skip around to any typing level you wish.

The typing is part of a game in which you try to destroy Bowser's castle. There are three stages: Mario's Smash and Dash, in which you must destroy blocks and kick turtles. To accomplish this, you must type the letters correctly in the series. They do not need to be capitalized at this point.

Typing starts with the home row, then moves on to the top row, then bottom row, then numbers, and finally the symbols. Players must type at a speed of 10 WPM to pass this level. Each test here lasts 2 minutes.

Mario's Wet World Challenge is the Intermediate Level. Here, you must help your character out swim hungry sea creatures by typing the scrolled words that appear in the middle of the screen. The faster you type, the faster your character swims and the higher they swim in the water. Words must be typed with the correct capitalization to score. You must type faster than 25 WPM to advance from this level. Each test here lasts 5 minutes.

Mario's Tunnel of Doom is the Advanced Level. Here, your character is running through a tunnel filled with traps. To help them escape, you must type the sentences appearing across the top of the screen. Correct capitalization counts here as well. To graduate from this level, you must type faster than 50 WPM, at which point you become a Mario Graduate.

Mario also appears at each level to show how well (or how badly) you did on each test, how many mistakes you made and how fast you typed, in WPM.

This program makes typing into a computer game, but it is definitely more suited for kids than adults. To kids, Mario is friendly and funny, to adults, he is sugary and overdone. Good for kids, but adults should probably find a more mature typing program.

Graphics: Cartoony, but well done. Nothing is gonna blow you away here.

Sound: Adults will probably want to shoot Mario before this program ends. Kids should enjoy it, though.

Enjoyment: Kids will find this game a hoot and interesting. Adults... won't.

Replay Value: Once you have learned how to type at 50 WPM, the usefulness of this game is strictly limited.

A new and updated version of the education hit Mario Teaches Typing. Just like before, Mario is your guide and will help and teach you to become an expert typer. New features are an on-screen keyboard with color codes, customizable lesson plans for teachers / parents, and tools to help print those customizable certificates of achievement for those who do well. There are also four levels of difficulty with new animations and sounds. The first level is Mario's Smash and Dash, which teaches beginners to type one letter at a time, Mario's Wet World Challenge teaches complete words, Mario's Tunnel of Doom teaches complete sentences and the last level, Mario's Expert Express, challenges students to be the best typists they can in order to save Mario and win.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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