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Oscar Flies Into The Mountains is a gentle and accessible introduction to nature. The information on the CD-ROM is provided in a humorous way, and there is a good mix of familiar animals such as bears and cows as well as lesser-known members of the animal kingdom like wood grouse and whistling marmots. Once you've chosen your own rucksack you can join Oscar the balloonist as he flies high through the cold mountains.

Oscar's balloon is decorated with the four seasons of the year. If you click on the winter picture, you are quickly taken to a snowy landscape where the animals introduce themselves. A couple of eagles talk about the joys of flying and show you pictures of their newly hatched children.

The stag, Randolph the Red, talks in an upper-crust accent about his favourite does and admits to having several girlfriends. Unfortunately he knows that one day he will no longer be the leader. Depending where you click, he will talk proudly about his antlers or how his coat keeps him warm when it snows.

Each time you choose an animal, the screen goes dark and you are given a few verbal clues about what they are and where they live before they are revealed. The animals talk in a friendly, good-humoured way and provide a brief insight into their lives--where they live, what they like to eat, who they like and what makes them afraid. (Ages 4 to 8).

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