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Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening gives players a chance to join Pajama Sam on journey to the "storm-stirring factory in the sky." Pajama Sam is trying to overcome his fear of thunderstorms and he needs help to fix the weather machines. There's snow in Saigon and sunshine in Seattle! Designed for children ages five to eight, Pajama Sam 2 offers a world full of puzzles, games, and friends.

He's back! Pajama Sam, Super Hero, in his second exciting Junior Adventure aimed at kids aged three to eight years. This time he's minus his Pajama Man Lunch Box and flashlight, but he won't be needing them on this journey. Before leaving home in search of Thunder and Lightning to put an end to their 'troublesome business', however, he still has to find his indispensable, red Pajama Sam Cape so this is the first objective on this adventure.


It's tricky getting past the gatekeeper at the World Wide Weather station high in the sky, but a little careful observation points the way. And Sam can't meet up with Thunder and Lightning either, until he finds a way to open the door to their observation headquarters ... then his problems really begin...

Alas, our hero suffers the teeniest of mishaps and trips on his cape, summersaults in the air and lands squarely on THE RED BUTTON. Now there are hurricanes in Egypt, tornados in Toledo ... everything's thrown into turmoil!

Double trouble ... and more

The trouble is some bits and pieces have been shaken from the Weather Machine and 'SOMEONE' has to put things right. Thus, although this latest Pajama Sam adventure uses more or less the same recipe as his first one, this time he's not in search of his precious possessions, he's out to right the wrong he accidentally caused.

Four pieces of the Weather Machine are missing, the Velocimomometer, Wingnut, Y-Pipe and the Automated Snowflake Inspector. Sam must set out to find them and, as with other Humongous adventures, there are several locations in which they may be hidden so that the story is varied each time the game is played and there are different problems to solve each time around.

Meeting people

Sam is just as cute as ever, and he shares the stage with a collection of other likeable characters such as J. Langston, 3rd, who is particular about his appearance and might like some help in coordinating his personal color scheme. And there's also the paranoid Stores Clerk who is convinced that 'Somebody' is after his job and keeps his supplies well stocked by refusing to part with them.

So dealing with various characters and finding those missing pieces means that there is lots to do and find. At one point Sam might need to find a way to shrink to fit down a drain, or he might have to pass a test to be appointed a Member of the Board ... it all depends on which way the game pans out.

Game information

Once more this title has a small inventory and there is a comprehensive hint guide accessible from within the game. It makes use of the same easy point and click interface that won't present any problems for young adventurers and runs straight from the disk making installation short and sweet.

With a crazy world to explore full of wind, rain and snow making machines, lots of clickable hotspots to discover, as well as some mini games thrown into the bargain, this one should well and truly satisfy young Pajama Sam fans. Of course it also comes with hidden treasures such as the ability to fire the imagination and to improve on comprehension and problem solving skills.

I'm sure I wouldn't want to miss this one if I were a kid :) although the screens are quite 'busy' and the gameplay is such that it might well be a little beyond three and four year olds. For this lower end of the recommended age group it will likely mean that older siblings or even mum and dad will be forced to join in. My commiserations :) I do, however, have sincere commiserations for young hearing-impaired players because there are no subtitles ... maybe next time!

Sam, it seems, is afraid of thunder and lightning. But not when he's Pajama Sam, superhero! Help PJ Sam as he journeys to World Wide Weather, in an attempt to conquer his fear of thunderstorms. There he accidentally throws things in a tizzy, sending weather all over the world. He'll need your help to explore his odd world and get past the puzzles and games, as well as help new friends - all before Mother Nature finds out.

The puzzles vary each time you start a new game and, as usual, there are plenty of amusing animations when you click on things. A game for kids 3-8.

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