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Trudy, an anthrpomorphised alligator, is the host of Trudy's Time and Place House unfortunately, she doesn't do much. She introduces herself if you click on her, but that's about it.

There are five games included in the program. Each has two sections. The first is learn and explore mode, the mode all the games will be in when first accessed. The second is a directed activity that asks the child to do something or to provide an answer to a question posed by the cartoon character.

The first game is called Earth Scout. Children board a starship and fly over the earth. They can turn the globe or click on a portion of the globe to fly closer. At the same time, where they are currently located is displayed on a map to the right of the viewscreen. A camera is set up to take pictures of the viewscreen, and these can be printed out later.

In the directed activity, Astromouse asks children to find a continent, ocean, or landmark and take a picture of it. If the child is correct, he will be congratulated. If not, he will be asked to try again.

Jellybean Hunt asks children to move an ant around on a napkin. The ant wishes to eat the Jellybeans on the napkin, and the child must guide the ant, either using left-right-forward directions or compass directions. A small screen at the top shows children the direction the ant is facing.

In addition to the ant's eye view, there is a bird's eye view from above. In directed play, Joe Crow asks the child to guide the ant to a specific Jellybean color or to follow directions to a Jellybean. If the child attempts to move off the napkin, or in the wrong direction, he is asked to try again.

Symbol Sandbox asks children to make a map in a sandbox of three by three tiles or four by four tiles. Both man-made geography (City, town, road) and natural geography (Lake, stream, hills) symbols are available.

In directed play, Billy Beaver asks kids to complete a map on the sandbox by filling in a white tile. If the child selects the right symbol, he is congratulated. If he is wrong, the symbol snaps back, and he is asked to try again.

Calendar Clock teaches kids about time and the seasons. They can move time in second, minute, hour, day, or month increments to watch the changes in a scene. The scene can be moved forwards or backwards. As time moves, things change in the picture.

In directed play, Mandy the Ladybug asks players to move time a certain increment forwards or backwards. If children move the time correctly, they are congratulated. If they choose increments too small or large, they are asked to try again.

Time Twins.shows children two clocks, one digital, one analog. As the child changes the time on one clock, the other changes to match, showing how time is the same on digital clocks and older clocks.

In directed play, the analog clock becomes Analog Ann and the digital clock becomes Digital Dan. Children are asked to change time on one clock to make it match the other. If players do it correctly, they are rewarded, if incorrect, they are asked to try again.

This program is a good game to teach the time and map skills to children. The games are so fun, it will never feel like learning.

Graphics: Very good, large and colorful

Sound: Not too loud, not too soft, and easy to hear.

Enjoyment: Kids will only feel like they are playing games, not learning.

Replay Value: The games in here have endless replay possibilities, until children outgrow the program.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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