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Upon starting Master Snoopy's World Geography, developed by Yearn2Learn/Imagesmith, players have two choices. One is to reconstruct maps of the United States by quarters and the other is to do the Great Country Shoot.

In the first game, kids choose which area of the country they wish to start in: northeast, southeast, northwest or southwest. They can play this game with the easy or hard version. The easy version pronounces the name of the state when it is put in place while in the hard version, players must figure out for themselves what the name of the state is from a list. If the player chooses the wrong name from the list, he or she hears "unh-unh!" and they are allowed to choose again. If they choose correctly, they hear the name of the state repeated.

In the Great Country Shoot, players must launch the Peanuts gang at the countries on a spinning globe. They must click and hold the mouse button on a place on the globe to get it to stop spinning and it must be the right place for them to get the correct country. In the easier version of this game, kids are shown the continent or part of the globe on which the country is located. The Peanuts character is automatically taken to the correct country if they manage to hit that area of the globe. In the harder version, players must also correctly identify the country on the map shown of an area to get the character to the right location.

While the games are entertaining and teach geography to kids, the total lack of a manual is likely to make learning the Great Country Shoot harder. The state puzzle game is fairly self-explanatory but no such explanation exists for the Great Country Shoot. It took me a while to figure out and I'm an adult!

This game won a number of prestigious awards when it was first released in 1995, including the Parent's Choice Honor Award, Editor's Choice from Mac Computing and five stars from Compuserve. However, most kids today will find the graphics somewhat crude, looking bitmapped and slightly chunky. Though the game claims to teach kids geography from the two activities, I think children would have to play the game for a very long time to truly learn the actual location of all the countries of the world.

Graphics: Somewhat crude graphically, certainly more crude than the comics they are supposed to portray.

Sound: Very LOUD. Players not wishing to injure their eardrums should probably turn the sound down first.

Enjoyment: Somewhat frustrating due to the lack of game explanations.

Replay Value: Players would have to play this repeatedly to truly learn anything.

Yearn2Learn: Master Snoopy's World Geography is a game that attempts to teach children about geography.

There are two separate lessons in this game. The first teaches children about the stares of the USA, where they are and what their names are. The second teaches children about other countries in the world and where they are located.

The 'Geography Puzzle Game' is the game that teaches the US states. It has two modes of play, easy and hard. Both modes of play break the states of mainland USA (i.e. not including Alaska & Hawaii) into four zones. The player selects a zone and is presented with a sliding tile type of puzzle in which the tiles are in the shape of the states in the selected zone. In the easy mode all the player has to do is place the tile into its correct position and the game will display and speak the state's name. When all states have been positioned correctly Snoopy walks on screen waving the US flag and music plays. In the hard mode the player again places the state in its correct position, upon which the game displays a list of all the states in the zone, so that the player can choose the correct name for the state that has just been placed. The Great Country Shoot game takes place in a circus in front of a globe and is a 1 or 2 player game. The player is asked to help one of the Snoopy characters find a country. The player jumps into a cannon, the globe spins, the player clicks on a region with their mouse and the character is fired from the cannon to parachute down to the selected location. If the player has selected the correct location the player gets a message of congratulation and is shown the character standing in the designated country.

The gameplay changes depending upon the level that has been achieved by the player(s). In level 1 when the player is asked to locate a country the correct region of globe flashes red/green before the globe spins so that all the player must do is click on that region as it comes into view. In level 2 the player proceeds as in level 1 but when the region has been selected correctly the player must then select the correct country from the regional map. Level 3 is the same as level 2 but with a wider range of countries. Levels 4 to 7 have progressively more obscure countries to find and give no hints as to which region of the globe they are in. There are ten questions per level and at the end of the level the player is given their score.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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