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Out of all the types of trivia games that have been produced for the computer, sports trivia has usually been neglected. This is, however, a very fertile area that has never been tapped before. By mixing sports trivia with pop culture, You Don't Know Jack Sports gives even people who know very little about sports the chance to excel in this game.

Of course, some knowledge of professional sports helps, and if you're playing with your sports-loving buddies and you know next to nothing, prepare to lose... often.

You Don't Know Jack Sports by Jellyvision and Berkeley Systems continues in the vein of its earlier games with a delightful mix of multiple choice questions, Dis or Dats, Gibberish Questions, Picture Questions, Fill in the Blanks, and Jack Attack Questions. Each Question is preceeded by an animation introducing the question, all of which have a sports theme and which may evoke laughter as often as the questions themselves do.

This game is *the* consummate sports party game, or a way to console yourself when your favorite sports season is over. Call all your friends over for a party and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Hints and tips for hosting a You Don't Know Jack Sports party are included in the manual for the game. This game can be played alone but is best played with a friend for the all important "Screw Factor".

Multiple players are each given one screw at the beginning of each round. If you think one of your friend doesn't know the answer to a question, buzz in and hit "s" for screw. They will then be forced to answer the question. If they get it wrong, they lose the points, if they get it right, you lose the points and they gain points. Needless to say, this makes play even more fun. The making or breaking of a screwed question is almost as fun as watching a team fumble the ball for a turnover.

Full of fun and irreverence, make You Don't Know Jack Sports a fixture at your next party. You'll be glad you did.

Graphics: The few graphics the game has are crisp and clean, and bring to mind many different sports.

Sound: The host is just as hip and scornful as ever, and the music is clear and full. Very, very nice.

Enjoyment: If you like sports, you will enjoy this game. If you know a lot about all sorts of sports, you'll like it even more.

Replay Value: With over 800 questions, you won't be finding the same questions coming up again and again anytime soon.

The You Don't Know Jack series of party games is known for its oddball humor, sarcastic wit and roundabout way of asking trivia questions. This time Jack is aimed squarely at sports-related topics. Hosted by Guy Towers, this game includes the normal trivia as well as special questions in the form of Gibberish Questions, Multiple-Choice and Fiber Optic Field Trips. As with all Jack games, you can always try to screw another contestant (with actual screws!) or Don't Be a Wimp and be forced to answer the question if that player is in the lead.

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