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If you were a fan of the original game in this series by Berkeley Systems, Inc., there's very good news here. There isn't much difference between the structure of the two titles. You Don't Know Jack, Volume 2" simply builds on the wildly successful format of the original. More good news is the addition of four new kinds of questions this time around.

As in the first game, you can play solo or against one or two human opponents. The addition of a multiplayer mode via the internet is a stroke of genius and very welcome. Hone those trivia skills and build your reputation through online play. The ideal mode of play is with the added element of competition which human interaction guarantees. You'll need to be just as quick as ever as the game continues it's frantic and lively pace. Again, this isn't a typical trivia game. Questions come fast and furious that deal with just about any subject you can imagine -- some standard, some quirky and more than a few so innovative you'll be hard pressed to snap out the right answer quickly.

The game is refreshingly different in that the trivia flies at you like, well, a swarm of bees. There are straightforward questions like pick out the right model car from a series of pictures (picture questions), associative questions that require matching a quote to an item in a movie (multiple choice), intuitive questions such as the ever popular gibberish questions (a real challenge), comparison questions (for example, of the next seven clues, which are pastas and which are operas?), and the frenetic Jack Attack questions (a matching game where your intuitive powers must be jacked up to the fullest extent).

In You Don't Know Jack, Volume 2 you get the same quick game play and the wonderfully designed, wholly pertinent presentation. The interface is incredibly easy to use and you'll still "buzz in" on competitive questions when playing opponents. The structure of the game is built around the amazingly smooth integration of the game host's relevant and savvy conversation and the background players who keep the transitions between questions and games running like the well oiled machine it is. That along with the uniqueness of the trivia questions that reflect some of the best writing known to computer gaming keeps this title at the top of its genre.

The singing, chanting and "off-camera" remarks keep the game lively and fresh. You Don't Know Jack, Volume 2" creates an atmosphere of pure fun and if you like trivia presented in a unique and rewarding way, give into that Jack Attack and join the fracas.

Graphics: On a par with the original but still not the most important component of the game. It's plenty good for what it's intended to do which is to keep the game moving from segment to segment.

Sound: The highlight of the game. Voice, music, effects, jingles -- it's all here and the blend within the game is nothing short of remarkable.

Enjoyment: You'll keep coming back for more and more. Whether winging it solo, with opponents at the keyboard or over the internet in multiplayer mode, enjoyment is assured (assuming you like trivia, of course).

Replay Value: You'll keep coming back for more and more. More kinds of games, more modes of play and lots more questions.

You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2 is a sequel to You Don't Know Jack. Like its predecessor, the game imitates a television game show. Each game can consist of seven or twenty-one question rounds. Pressing a key that acts like a "buzzer," each player tries to be the first to answer a trivia question that pops on the screen. Many questions are humorously structured, drawing inspiration from pop culture references. The game's "host" provides jocular commentary during the show.

The sequel adds new gameplay modes: DisOrDat, in which players have to quickly classify words into two or more categories; Celebrity Collect Calls, which features real-life characters asking bizarre questions; and Picture Questions, which adds pictures to the predominantly sound-oriented game.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (608 MB).


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