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You Don't Know Jack Television has quite a different feel than the other games in its series. If you like, it's almost a "kinder, gentler" You Don't Know Jack. The host is much lass abrasive and his voice is almost friendly. Unfortunately, most of the humor of the games is bound up in the verbal abuse and abrasiveness of the host, making this game seem blander and almost dull. It's like listening to elevator music when you really wanted some good heavy metal.

Thes questions all refer to television programs and the game's interface is full of pictures of Jiffy-Pop popcorn packages, popcorn and leather barcaloungers against a background that looks like a 1950s TV screen.

The game does have all the elements of the earlier games, including all the same sorts of questions and the Jack Attack at the end of the game, but with the bland and friendly sounding host, the game falls flatter than a pancake with liver sauce on top. As a follow up to the more successful games of the series it is a severe disappointment. Still, the game is not completely without hope. So, get this game if you cannot stand the humor of the others and think the insults are too harsh. Otherwise, this is a game that will sit unused on the shelf. It's just... too nice.

Graphics: The graphics hold together well and give a distinct look to the game.

Sound: The sound is good, but VERY LOUD. You will want to turn it down first.

Enjoyment: Good, but very bland.

Replay Value: You may replay this, but very occasionally.

You Don't Know Jack: Television follows the same formula that was introduced in You Don't Know Jack: the players compete with each other in a quiz show that features humorous questions rooted in popular culture. As the title implies, this installment focuses exclusively on television-related trivia questions. The hosts Raul and Cookie are trying to challenge players with 800+ questions in that particular field.

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