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In world where technology and nature struggle for power, cities such as Silverfall become casualties of war. Destroyed at the beginning of the game, the royal town of Silverfall must be rebuilt, with your help. Before you can begin your quest, you must create a character by selecting your race, abilities, and alignment.

Quests, personal appearance, the environment, relationships with companions, and abilities are all affected when you select your affiliation. Silverfall includes over 200 side quests along with the main storyline, and a variety of outdoor environments including desert, swamp, forest, and city landscapes to explore. Along the way, you will meet eight different avatars that may offer to accompany you on your travels.

Completing quests and defeating enemies during your journey increases the amount of skill points you can spend along with your overall experience level. Buying back skill points allows you to use them on other abilities, ultimately altering your gameplay experience. As you increase your level, more advanced skills, weapons, and armor become available to you.


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