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It is up to you to save a small Chinese village from an advancing army in Seal of Evil. Choose from one of five heroes including witch, paladin, assassin, and wizard and then use spells based on five elements, over 80 types of weaponry, and unique skills to combat enemies. The gameplay adjusts based on your choices and actions, and a travel log will record events and conversations. The game is available in both English and Mandarin.

Mixing factual history with the mythology of ancient China, Seal of Evil allows the gamer to undertake the mission of getting a warring country to unite under a common leader. Combining the elements of history and the wonderful mythos of China, the game allows for a strategy title that is pretty different to say the least.

The graphics in this game are gorgeous and full of detail. The feel of the game is a lot like the sensational Baldurs Gate series and plays really well. Getting into the game is a very intuitive affair and the characters that you get to play in the game are easy to control. You can create your own weaponry mixing magic with common weapons to great effect and the method of do so is actually fun seeing what you can come up with in the game.

The game takes place across a large variety of environments and uses what appears to be a mix of 2D and 3D effects to create the playing area. Combat in the game is heated and the enemy AI in general reacts well to attacks. There has been a lot of thought put into those with whom you do battle and the way that they interact with the five heroes that you will get to control through the game forces gamers to think on the fly.

The playable characters are preassigned through the game as they are an integral part of the story and even though some gamers do like creating their own people to control, I ultimately found that it really suited the title playing as the characters that they intended you to be.

The game does take great pains to give you a back story as to why things are happening the way that they are and what motivates your character beyond the hack and slash of the combat section. The voice acting is a bit hokey however considering that the game is made in China might explain that. In fact it sort of adds some authenticity to it!

I enjoyed this game immensely. It takes a fair amount of time to get through, however it certainly is worth it. There are no real revolutionary advances in gaming technology however we are treated to a title that is a treat to play that you will get many hours of enjoyment out of. Recommended.


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