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Drawing its inspiration from games in the vein of Sid Meier's Pirates, Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey features ship-to-ship combat, quests for profit, and light role-playing elements. The game's most distinctive element, apart from its cartoon-like visual style, is its time period. Swashbucklers is set during the American Civil War, with lead protagonist Abraham Gray clad in cowboy garb and armed with six-shooters. The game offers 14 ship types to captain, with players able to upgrade vessels with cannonballs, powder rockets, Gatling guns, and more.

Equally adept in the arts of fencing and shooting, Gray begins his career in Havana but will visit multiple U.S. ports looking for quests. Players can align themselves with either the Confederacy or the Union, working on behalf of one faction to deliver prisoners, sink enemy ships, and more. Extra cash can also be earned by selling captured ships or by transporting cargo. On land, players can visit a tavern to engage in boxing matches, while at sea, they can board enemy vessels and duel rival captains. Over time players will earn experience points and skill attributes used to enhance Gray's health, level, and abilities.


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