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Vampire Hunters is a single-player computer RPG with strong adventure-game elements and a macabre, maritime setting. Players explore the 3D game world from an up-close, third-person perspective. Play involves interacting with other characters, collecting clues, solving inventory puzzles, and engaging in combat. The game is set in and around a dark dockyard with an underground population of vampires. The main character, Bernard, is a strange wanderer who has lived among the undead for years. The adventure begins as Bernard investigates a gruesome murder at the docks, which seems to have spooked even the local vampires. As he overcomes challenges and progresses through the adventure, Bernard can grow more proficient with the magic types and melee attacks he uses most. Quest rewards and other powerful armor and weapons can be equipped through a paper-doll interface. The game runs on developer Mayhem Studios' own 3D engine, designed to create flowing, atmospheric environments.


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