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This sequel to 2009's Dragon Age follows the rise of a penniless refugee named Hawke as he (or she, depending on the gender you choose when starting the game) gains fame and fortune by undertaking a number of heroic or potentially ruthless acts over the course of ten years. Scarred by the destruction of his home, Hawke will join forces with a number of colorful characters to defeat the darkspawn infesting the land. The storytelling is notable for adopting a frame narrative structure, with a narrator recounting Hawke's achievements with varying levels of authenticity.

Your decisions will ultimately help shape Hawke's future, starting with his skills as a mage, rogue, or warrior, and influence the narrator's story. Hawke can enlist the help of three companions during the game, and as in the original Dragon Age, characters will converse with each other and some can even be romanced. Additional combat mechanics have been incorporated into the battle phase, and a new visual style is included to enhance the third-person RPG's presentation. The principal setting for the game is Kirkwall, a region surrounded by mountains and home to corrupt politics, shantytowns, and other surprises.


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