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Battle-weary Geralt investigates those responsible for the attempted assassination of King Foltest in this sequel to 2007's The Witcher. A new engine powers the game, offering numerous visual enhancements as well as a non-linear storyline with outcomes dependent on the player's choices throughout key encounters.

Geralt will encounter an assortment of characters in his journey, from soldiers and rebels to mages and royalty, while exploring a variety of locales in the world. Geralt can now interact with the environment by leaping over fences, scaling walls, climbing rock formations, and more. Areas are also designed to be more open than in the first game.

The fast-paced combat system enables Geralt to switch fighting styles, select targets, block, dodge, and use magic in a seamless fashion without interrupting the battle's flow. As he gains experience in battle, Geralt can learn new abilities associated with three paths of character development: mage, master swordsman, and alchemist.

Each path's ability will grant Geralt new options for magic, melee attacks, and more, with an emphasis on active skills rather than passive abilities. Other changes to combat include a new set of fatalities to master, the ability to cut off limbs, and many new monsters to battle. The Witcher 2 is available in both a premium version and as part of a collector's edition.

The premium version includes the game, a making of DVD, a soundtrack CD, a world map, a strategy guide, the instruction manual, a coin, two papercraft dolls, and a downloadable swordsman's suit for Geralt. The collector's edition includes everything found in the premium version along with the following: a bust of Geralt, a 200-page art book, a set of poker dice and playing cards, three stickers, a sample of in-game currency, a gambling guide, an exclusive in-game jacket, and a large papercraft doll.

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