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In Adventures in Math the player takes the role of a treasure hunter who explores a castle. The goal of the game is to find the exit while earning as much points as possible. Points are rewarded for picking locks and finding treasures. To achieve these tasks the player has to solve mathematical riddles while using the four basic arithmetic operations. The answer has to be typed in by using the keyboard. If the player doesn't succeed the game shows the correct answer and he has to try again - but in a few cases the treasure gets stolen by a spider and is lost forever.

In the beginning of each round the player selects the size of the castle and the used combinations of mathematical operations, e.g. only addition or multiplication and division.

Adventures in Math is a solid game for practicing basic math operations. You are entering an old castle and have to find the exit while collecting as many treasures as you can. In order to open doors or collect treasures, you have to solve a problem. It is very simple and tends to be more interesting than simply being a math quiz.

At the beginning you have to choose which operations you want to practice and the size of the castle. The castle is a preordered maze of rooms. The medium castle is like a small one with additional rooms, while the large castle is like a medium one with additional rooms. So, it is recommended that kids play in smaller castles first until they memorize the rooms. Still, even the large castle is not too complicated. In the case that you are visiting the same room again you'll be notified about it, so if you get lost, you will find the right way sooner or later. There is also a two player mode in case you want to play with a friend. Two players are exploring the castles separately and the game switches to the other player after the current one has made some progress.

Opening doors is easier than picking treasures. If your answer was wrong, you will be shown the correct one. You can try the same action again by solving another problem. However, you have only one try for certain treasures. If you are wrong, a spider will appear and take it away, but you get more points for treasures than doors.

The numbers can go up to 1000, so the game may not be the best for introducing basic operations to children. They should practice with easier problems and afterwards play Adventures in Math for additional practice. The treasures and the castles will surely be interesting to them, while the problems can be very challenging. Recommended for those that need to master the basic operations.

One of oldest education games ever made remains to this day one of the most well-executed: Adventures in Math teaches algebra in a treasure-hunting premise, putting you inside a castle where math problems must be solved to open each door and get treasures. Different difficulty levels accommodate different skills, and on-line help is comprehensive. Simple, yes, but effective.

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