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Eco-Saurus is an excellent edutainment title from First Byte. Designed to teach kids about environmental conservation, you join friendly dinosaur Zug as an Environmental Conservation Official (E.C.O.) on a mission to save Eco Island and rescue his alien friend M-Kar. By conserving energy and collecting recyclable materials from local inhabitants, you will help restore Eco Island, rebuild M-Kar's spacecraft, and provide enough power to fuel his flight home.

The game is very easy to learn: just use the mouse to pick up the garbage on each screen and puts them in the right recycle bin (or just throw the trash away if it's non-recycleable). You will meet many colorful inhabitants of Eco Island, each of whom even can speak, albeit with the robotlike sound similar to Sound Blaster's early Dr. Sbaitso. Kids will be attracted by the fun gameplay, funny cartoon dinosaurs, and very nice VGA graphics. The game could have used a more in-depth database, but as a title developed for youngsters (preschoolers and primary school level), Eco-Saurus has the right balance of education and fun to keep kids glued to the screen.


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