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Funnels & Buckets is a shareware math-based educational title developed and published by Data Sage. The gameplay entails popping mathematical problems before they fill one of your four buckets. If you answer the problem correctly you will be rewarded points and the equation will be eliminated. Filling the bucket with wrong answers will end the game. Players can choose from six different game speeds, and math problems include multiplication; division, addition, and subtraction.

Funnels and Buckets is a very old but excellent math game for primary school students aimed at teaching basic arithmetic. Your goal: type the correct answer to each math equation that is falling out of the funnel before it hits the bucket. When all the buckets are filled, the game is over. Aside from an intuitive interface and excellent design (the game manages to be very addictive without any graphics whatsoever), one highlight of Funnels and Buckets is that it is extremely customizable. You can change the speed at which the equations fall, as well as the kinds of equations to solve. Designed for primary school kids, the game can also be challenging for adults: as more equations are solved, new equations fall out of the funnel faster and faster. It is rare to find a good math education program, and rarer still to find one that remains a lot of fun to play over 20 years after its release. Funnels and Buckets fits both criteria, and therefore ranks among the best programs of its kind, and a must-have for every parent or collector. Highly recommended.

Educational game where you have to type in correct answer to mathematical problems for kids, such as 4 + 1 = , and 63 % 9 = .

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