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This historical simulation / adventure game recreates the voyage of Spanish explorer Magellan as he circumnavigated the world. Deal with rough seas, unreliable maps, rebellious crews, unfriendly natives, and other hazards of 14th-century voyagers. Features persons and situations based on actual history.

This is a fun, "light" strategy game similar in concept to The Oregon Trail that puts you in command of the Spanish galleon setting sail to find the New World. One of the best touches in the game is the use of random problems the ship encounters en voyage (such as scurvy, pirate attack, etc) that requires you to make choices, all of which have real consequences. The NPVs in the form of your crew members are colorful, distinctive, and always helpful. All in all, a well-designed "edutainment" title that succeeds in balancing the education and fun factors.

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