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Mind Mirror allows the performer to digitize (scope) any thought, compare it with other thoughts and compare thoughts with others, and to engage in simulation of various roles.

It can be considered a "party game", similar in concept to Scruples.

The one and only computer simulation designed by Timothy Leary, one of the world's leading psychologists, is an interesting program that lets you rate any person, then map the results and evaluate them. Part game, part tool, and part philosopher on a disk, Mind Mirror is a fun party game similar to Scruples! that will reveal some surprising conclusions about your family and acquaintances. The "Life Simulation" mode is interesting, albeit giving you only a passive role.

True to Leary's character, Mind Mirror is one of the most unique games/programs you'll ever come across. While it doesn't offer much adrenaline rush, its emphasis on real-life issues gives great insight -- for both your life and the philosophy of Leary himself.

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