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Tale of Peter Rabbit is a decent interactive storybook for kids based on a classic tale that unfortunately isn't very interactive, although it has excellent illustrations that bring the story to life. The format is familiar and simple: the game consists of several dozen "pages," each of which can be read aloud by the computer. There are several hotspots on the screen, although most of them only bring up text balloons that show what the object is -- no fun animation or any fun surprise as in other PC storybooks. This would make the game utterly boring, if not for the fact that there are enough excellent illustrations (done in cartoon drawing style similar to real books for kids) to keep the reader's attention until the end. The computer narrator's voice is bland and uninspired, so parents may prefer to read to toddlers who can't read, rather than letting the computer do the job ;) Worth a try, but not a Top Dog.


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