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The university instructor Professor Avish has been asked to give an important lecture, and was invited to stay in a hotel the night before. When he woke up in the morning, while still in his pajamas, he discovered to his amazement that he is not in the hotel, but in a mysterious castle with many rooms. Eventually the professor was able to escape from the castle and make it to the lecture. He then decided to change the original subject and instead narrated to the audience what happened to him in the castle. He has taken pictures of every room, but unfortunately forgot how he managed to get out of any of them, so that remains for the player to figure out.

Avish! is an Israeli-made puzzle game with action and platforming elements. Each room in the the castle is built like a puzzle area, and the player's goal is to leave it, proceeding to the next one. The professor must avoid obstructions in order to find the key that will open the door to lead him out of the room.

Avish! Searching for the Exit is a platform/puzzle game in the vein of Lemmings and Arkanoid. It was made in 1993 by a game company in Israel (yes that's right, Israel) called BUG Multisystem Ltd. It was originally in Hebrew and is one of the only games ever made in Israel for Israel. It wasn't sold for very long, but while it was it was highly successful among the Israelis because it was so unique. Because of its popularity, an English version was made and shipped to the United States. So when you play this, you are playing a very unique game.

The story is pretty detailed and neat for a platform puzzle game. You play the role of an Israeli professor named Professor Avish, who is the top University instructor. He has come to town for a lecture meeting in front of a bunch of people. He is invited to stay at a certain hotel, and he accepts. When he wakes up from his first night at the hotel, he finds himself still in his pajamas in a weird castle full of locked rooms. The Professor manages to find the keys and get back to the lecture hall. He makes it back, and instead of the topic of the meeting, he decides to tell about his adventure. He took pictures of all the rooms in the castle with his slide camera, but forgot how he got out of the rooms. You must help Avish escape from each of the rooms. If you make it out, the people in the room will be impressed and will clap, but if you somehow mess up, they will laugh at the poor professor. You have a wide range of things to use to escape, including helium tanks, a jackhammer, and even an umbrella. There are also strange creatures who will try to stop you. Some will even eat you. So get moving and help the professor.

The graphics in the game are top-notch and are displayed to perfect pixeled perfection. No flaws at all. The professor is also expertly animated, which is a pat on the back for the "amateurs" who created the game. The sound is also very good, and is actually more wav quality than midi. The game play is very good, and very addictive. You can pass many hours playing this game. Each level is made up of the blocks seen in Arkanoid, and you must navigate through them and find the key to the door. If you find yourself stuck at any time, press ESC to restart the level. Thge controls are: arrow keys to move, stand near something low and press up arrow to jump, press spacebar to pick up an item, press enter to use the item.

To use an elevator or the block with arrows on it, jump on it and press the down arrow, then press and hold the up arrow to go up. I enjoyed this game very much, and do not plan to get rid of it any time soon. So, to conclude, I give this game a straight 5. No way around it, this game is just too much fun.

In this fun puzzle game, you take the role of Avish, an absent-minded professor who gets lost in the university's library. On each room you need to find a key to unlock the exit. You have to find the right use for every item you find, such as bombs, compressors, boxing gloves, rockets and more, and negotiate crumbling floors, trampolines and the deadly Harry-monster. Overall, one of the better homebrew games that's easy to play, but hard to play well.

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