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Diggers 2: Extractors is a sequel to Diggers with Lemmings-like gameplay. It includes more levels, more tools, and more challenges. The game objective is to unite the 25 Hanging Worlds of Zarg. There are 3 types of extractors, each with their own abilities: the digger, the strongest, and the teleporter.

Only one year after first Diggers, a sequel was made. Developers decided to put a little more challenge into this one(some people would say that first one was challenging enough but some people also say that Bill Gates is a nice man so... :)).

Goal of this game is to unite the 25 Hanging Worlds of Zarg. You accomplish this by destroying the shield generators that protect the worlds. Once destroyed, the floating lands will return to the surface of Zarg, and you move on to the next world. Also, you will need to locate, and mine, enough fuel on each level in order to fly to the next.

Every five levels, you will encounter a Flinarjian Storage Asteroid. These are primed to explode soon after your arrival, so you will have to work fastto locate and destroy the shield generator before your time runs out. Easement is that you don't have to mine fuel on these levels.

Clans don't exist anymore, now you put together team of 1 to 5 diggers from different species (you can chose team of same diggers but it kills prodictivity and fun ;)). There are 3 species, each with slightly different abilities: One is the best digger (Raldein), one is the strongest (Boids), and one can teleport without damage (Habbish). Your diggers can "yell" now, so they will tell you about their problem when they have one (when they're bored, found some jewels etc.). If any of them die during play, you will get the opportunity (for "small" amount of cash of course) to replace your casualties between levels. It is in your best interest for them to survive as long as possible, as diggers become more experienced for each level that they survive.

Main problem of first Diggers was control system, mouse was the only "tool" that was at your disposal. This is fixed so very much in this sequel, now you don't have to use mouse at all if you don't wish to. There are keyboard shortcuts for every action in the game and most importantly you can control your diggers with arrow keys. Your little miners can also jump now which is done by pressing up arrow key on your keyboard. Diggers 2 include a training area where you can practice movement and use of some devices before proceeding to mission playing, this is highly recommended when you start the game for the first time (even if you played first Diggers).

And now, main flaw of this beautiful game which lowered its mark a little bit. Lack of tutorial is a big minus for this game for it will push many gamers away because they didn't know what to do at the beginning. Consulting a Manual for gamer is like a rain storm for drained land, so that fixes up this problem. Finding a way to enter bank and shop facility was very frustrating for me (but the Manual saved the day), here is how it goes: Get your digger into your ship, and JUMP UP. Any fuel or jewels which that digger was carrying will be traded in automatically and than you can buy equipment to help you in achieving your goals. When you have done all there is to be done in a level just teleport your diggers to the ship and JUMP UP. Wizard guy who put you up to this task will show up and you are ready to go to the next level.

Graphics are practically the same as in the original game but sounds are much better and various now and there is nice music playing in the background.

If you enjoyed playing first Diggers that enjoyment will pass on to this sequel as well, but if you haven't tried this one out, maybe it will change your mind.

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