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It's Zack's first day on the job as a repairman at GadgetCo, and the whole factory is falling apart. He must navigate over 60 rooms, avoiding deadly traps, to find his missing tools and fix the incredibly complicated, interconnected machinery.

Contraption Zack is best described as a combination puzzle adventure and third-person isometric perspective version of The Incredible Machine.

This is GameBringer once again, reporting from a small office deep in the bowels of Gadget Co., but I seem to be having some problems with the power, my computer, and everything else. I think I'll call for that new maintenance guy...

Contraption Zack! Contraption Zack is a puzzle game, using the same 3D isometric view that was made popular (was it really ever popular) by games like Populous and Treasure Trap. Treasure Trap is the best thing I know of to compare this game too.

It's Zack's first day here at Gadget Co., and I'm sure the losers in Maintenance are going to give him a hard time and do something juvenile like hide his tools. You control Zack and help him solve a series of puzzles to retrieve his tools and fix some machinery around the plant at the same time.

The game can be saved, but you will always start back at the beginning of an "area." Exactly what constitutes an "area" is not clear to me. Possibly the manual explained it. The result is that you will play the same level and puzzle over a few times, but an area is not so big as to be unbearable.

Another aggravation is that you can get "stuck" unable to continue, leaving you no other option but to restart or load a game. It is not a major deal, but it would seem like the game should notice that you messed up the level and prompt you automatically.

The graphics are fairly decent and representative of the time period. Puzzle games don't exactly rely on their graphics so the graphics in Contraption Zack more than fit the bill. The music and sound effects are simple and did not distract.

Now for the monkey wrench to clog up the works, if I may mix metaphors, is that Contraption Zack just wasn't exciting. It was interesting - not too simple and not too hard, but there was no "oomph!" to it, in my opinion. Grab your hammer and get started... this game may be more work than play!

Puzzle game for the worker :). Zack's tools are taken and you have to find them in the factory. Navigate your way through the levels by walking over big buttons or get thrown by large springs.

Before Twinsen's Odyssey and long before Alone in the Dark, Contraption Zack is among the first games that successfully combined physical puzzles, action, and adventure elements into a fine game. Your job is to help Zack the clueless mechanic pass various levels by using his tools to fix things and pass nasty traps. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Epyx classic Chip's Challenge, but played in a more attractive isometric board, with more parts and items to manipulate. Definitely one of the most original puzzle/adventure games to come along in a long time. Anyone who likes this game should try out its "sequel" of sorts D/Generation, which uses the same engine but focuses more on action and adventure elements.

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