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Help your worm change into a butterfly by getting past obstacles. You will use a lot of tools and your intelligence.

Gameplay is similar to Lemmings, but now with bugs.

What's green, cute, and crawls on your shoulder? It's a creeper - and it's gonna turn into a butterfly when you complete the puzzle!

This game is like a children's version of the Incredible Machines. You must solve puzzles by building and putting tools in the right places, then watch your little creeper as it turns into a butterfly and flies away.

If you get stuck you can always ask for the Professor's advice!

The game is not complicated, it's somewhat fun and very cute. I'd give it a 3 overall. Even though it's rated quite low, I'd say it's a must-have if ever you plan to revisit your innocent days of childhood.

It looks alot like Lemmings. Try to get the creepers 'somewhere' in the field, by using some tools you can use in the level.

At first glance it would be easy to mistake Creepers for a Lemmings clone. Chunky, colourful graphics, toe-tapping music, levels dotted with pistons, flaming torches and obstacles for a six-pixel protagonist. Fortunately, Destiny SP have created a game which is original, interesting and versatile - probably owing more to Sierra's Incredible Machine than to the Lemmings saga. Your job is to assist a group of caterpillars as they make their ponderous way towards a hatching pot. To do this, you use a quantity of tool points to build ramps, walls, fans, trampolines and other handy items. If you are successful, your wards will emerge as butterflies. The interface is a simple mouse-driven affair, but suffers from a lack of refinement, something which a little more playtesting would have rectified. The caterpillars are suitably 'cute' (cue the 'awww' factor from passing relatives), but dont be fooled by their appearance. In later levels on the higher settings their looks won't save them, and unless you're a) a genius or b) omnipotent, neither will you. But if you fancy a challenge and you're not scared of bugs, Creepers will provide you with hours of entertainment.

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