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The Humans 2 is great puzzle game in which you have get a couple of caveman guys who don't know a THING about stuff around and you must help them. In every mission you must do something like, kill a T-Rex, go to that point, find something, invent something and so on. When you invent something there is a funny sequence which is about the thing you invented, wheel, dagger, fire etc. right.

There are many options you can use with...let's say fire, you can burn bushes, you can scare the heck out of a T-Rex, you can throw it somewhere and so on. With that things you invent, you must help these cavemen to accomplish their mission and after all, they must help each other. You can climb onto one caveman or two cavemen, three, four and so on. With this option, you can climb up to reach higher areas on level. Another great game to try! They don't bite you know...

Some of the most original puzzle games ever created, similarities to Psygnosis' Lemmings notwithstanding, The Humans games let you help our predecessors the cavemen "progress" from the stone age and beyond. Puzzles are very engaging: they involve making use of new items (e.g. fire, the wheel) as the cavemen discover them, and co-ordinating activities of two or more cavemen, to pass the level. Too bad the latest game Evolution: Lost in Time is bogged down with extremely frustrating puzzles.


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