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Bust-A-Move (also known as Puzzle Bobble) is a real-time puzzle game in which the player controls a device called "pointer" at the bottom of the screen, aiming and releasing randomly colored bubbles upwards. Depending on the aiming, the bubbles may float up directly or bounce off the walls, changing their trajectory. The goal is to aim the bubbles in such a way that they will touch identically colored ones. When such bubbles form a group of three or more, they pop and disappear from the screen.

If the ceiling of the area is covered by too many bubbles, it will gradually descend; the game is over when it nearly reaches the player-controlled pointer. Should the player fail to release the bubbles within a specific time limit, they will be released automatically, unaffected by the pointer's aiming.

A two-player mode is included as well. Each player competes on an area occupying half of the screen, dealing with identically generated bubbles. Whenever a player successfully disposes of a bubble group, a part of it is transferred onto the opponent's part of the screen.

The game features the two dinosaur protagonists (Bob and Bub) as well as other characters from Bubble Bobble, even though the two games have distinctly different gameplay.

Bust a move is the PC version of the classic game.

There is not much to be said about this game. As you can see on the screens, you must launch coloured bubbles from the bottom of the screen. When you got 3 bubbles of the same colour in a row they will explode and fall off.

This simple principle is the basis of a great game and it has the same addictive gameplay as Tetris. It keeps you sitting behind the pc without any notice of time or people around you.

But when you get bored of playing alone, you can decide to play against a friend in the excellent 2 player mode. This is, without a doubt, the best part of the game and a true classic for a boring birthday party.

In the 2 player mode you play in splitscreen mode, and all bubbles you shoot away will raise on the screen of the other player. It is really funny to see how the other player gets stuck in all those bubbles, while you can just sit back and watch how he or she dies. But stay alert! With 1 shot all that can change and are you the one in problems...

With great gameplay and the excellent 2 player mode, this game is just a true classic and everyone should have a go at it at least once.

This is the port of the well-known SNES game Puzzle Bobble. It was known as Bust-A-Move on the PSX later on. This PC version is an unofficial port using thesame tiles and graphics from the original SNES game.

Gameplay is lush, I can't praise this more. The ease of which you control the cannon supersedes even the original. There are multiple modes. Standard mode, where you progress from level 1 to the last level, where you get to fight with a big bad guy (and remember people, this is a puzzle game.

So what's the game about anyway? Ah, okay, good question. I just realized not anyone may know the original. Well, here's the lowdown. Bubble and Bobble, two cute little dragon-like creatures, have control over a cannon. One puts a ball into it and the other blows the cannon making it fire (it's an air-driven cannon :). If two or more balls of thesame colour are hit by the ball you shoot, and have thesame colour, they disappear. Easy? May seem so, but there's a catch. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, the ceiling drops a bit, making it important to make the smallest amount of mistakes possible. Secondly, you only have a limited amount of time to think before the cannon fires by itself (meaning that it goes wherever the cannon is aimed at at that moment).

I'd say that this is just another one of those little games you get, play very intensely for awhile, forget it for awhile, and yet again play it a long time later after. Oh, and it's one of those games you don't delete... It's one of those you find, when you're digging out your old harddrive... So I'd say try it ;)

Bust-A-Move is an excellent and very faithful fanmade reproduction of Puzzle Bobble, Taito's classic competitive puzzle game based on Bubble Bobble characters that never made it to the PC. The game is essentially a good Tetris clone: instead of falling blocks, you shoot color bubbles from the ground up. Get the bubbles with the same color in line to make them disappear. As with Taito's original console classic, the game is most fun against another player in a split-screen 2-player mode, although the computer player puts up a decent fight. The game is easy to learn, tough to master, and very addictive. If you enjoy Tetris-style games and haven't played Puzzle Bobble, Bust-A-Move is an excellent freeware gem that is well worth a look, and ranks as one of the most faithful fanmade games ever made.

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