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In Legend of Myra, humanity tries to exterminate all rabbits. And obviously the best way to do this is by storing all cabbages underground so that they can't reach them. The player takes control over the rabbit Myra who has to try just that.

This is a Boulder Dash variant: Myra has to dig through the dirt in each of the 120 levels (simply by walking through it) and collect all cabbages. Of course there are many monsters which are deadly by touch which can be destroyed by dropping a stone on their head: gravity takes over as soon as the dirt under a rock is gone. But of course a Myra can also die when he is in the way. During the course of the game there are additional obstacles (e.g. teleporters, switches, mines or doors) and power ups like pistols to find. Especially useful are carrots which give Myra the ability to bite through rocks and monsters.

Legend of Myra is an okay puzzle game of treasure hunting in mazes similar to classic Boulderdash. You control Slimmy the rabbit in this game, as explores mazes full of monsters. Your goal is to tunnel through the rocks to collect precious stones, while avoiding the path that leads to trapped enemies. Along the way, you must collect different-colored keys and negotiate various traps to succeed. A nice game overall, but not as much fun as Boulderdash due to repetitive level design and unforgiving monster locations-- there are so many of them that it often seems impossible to progress. Many levels also have limited space you can make, so there is little room for creative pathmaking: there is only one path you need to make to the exit. Worth a look, but not memorable.

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