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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Death Knights of Krynn picks up where the storyline of it predecessor, Champions of Krynn, ended. The party is celebrating its victory when a character who died valiantly in the first game reappears as a Death Knight riding an undead dragon. So begins another epic struggle against the rising tide of undead monsters in Krynn, and ultimately a confrontation with the evil leader of the undead, Lord Soth.

Players can import characters from Champions of Krynn, or create a new party of six. Differences from basic AD&D game rules include Kenders in lieu of halflings and Solamnic Knights taking the place of paladins. Clerics gain a unique set of special abilities conferred by whichever god they follow, while mage spells are based on alignment with spell-casting abilities enhanced or restricted according to the cycles of the moon. Characters and monsters attack in turn-based combat based on initiative ratings, with maneuverability and positioning of characters offering strategic elements to fighting. Combat is viewed from an isometric perspective, exploration from a first-person viewpoint.

The linearity of Death Knights of Krynn isn't as pronounced as Champions of Krynn, and characters are freer to wander the world map and do what they want, but at the cost of a less structured, less interesting storyline. Thanks to a variety of unique undead enemies and a final encounter with Dragonlance villain Lord Soth, though, the epic feel remains. The sequel improves on the original by offering several new quests and areas of exploration once the main storyline is completed, giving a bit more play value.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Death Knights of Krynn is a solid RPG and worthy sequel for gamers interested in keeping up with the world of Krynn.

Death Knights of Krynn is the 2nd volume of the Dragonlance epic and is the sequel to Champions of Krynn. Characters from that game may be imported to this game.

This time the party faces an undead threat that turns former friends into fierce enemies and infests Krynn with hordes of decaying monsters. The party must find the origin of these nightmarish undead creatures and eliminate it in order to save Krynn from turning into a land of undead.

Like Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn introduces a different and unique character selection with the availability of the "Knight" class, unavailable in AD&D non-Dragonlance RPGs. Characters in this game may level-up to higher levels and obtain new skills as well as more powerful spells. Experienced Knights may ultimately choose one out of 3 "clans" to focus more on a different type of fighting style.

Adventuring consists of either overland map travel or the standard 1st person town adventure. The player's party consists of 6 characters (of which one must be a Knight) as well as possible NPC characters joining your party. Wandering monsters will of course attack the party on occasion so gear up and prepare for undead monster-bashing combat!

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