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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Champions of Krynn is the first RPG to use the AD&D Dragonlance setting. The game world of Krynn has some unique rules and races that are not part of the regular AD&D rule set; differences that are faithfully reproduced in Champions of Krynn. Kenders are the native Krynn equivalent of the halfling race, the Order of Solamnic Knights replaces paladins, and clerics can worship one of several gods who grant unique special abilities. Mages select spells based on their alignment, with the cycle of the moon determining spell-casting abilities.

Up to six party members can be created using standard AD&D Dragonlance rules. The storyline begins after the epic War of the Lance, with the party working for the Solamnic Knights to investigate and destroy remaining pockets of Draconian resistance. Dungeon exploration is done from a first-person perspective, while turn-based combat features an isometric view. In combat, characters can move around the combat map, cast spells, or attack monsters. This maneuverability results in strategic encounters and adds an extra dimension to gameplay.

For a variety of reasons, the Dragonlance world is considered the most "epic" of AD&D settings, and Champions of Krynn supports that perception. The party starts out weak, with inconsequential initial missions, but gains power during the course of the game, acquires potent magical items including the Dragonlance, and engages enemies of epic proportions like red dragons. Famous characters from the War of the Lance storyline join the party as well.

As in many RPGs, the storyline is completely linear, but Champions of Krynn lamentably takes that limitation a bit further. Players are not only held to one path, but are also prodded with strong textual cues, and, at times, lose control of their destiny as the game "takes over" and forces the storyline forward, a disappointment to gamers looking for more freedom of choice. Conversely, those happy with an epic linear storyline with strategic combat will find Champions of Krynn a decent gaming experience.

The War of the Lance is over, the dragonarmies have been defeated. But evil has not left Krynn. In northeastern Ansalon, outposts of the Knights of Solamnia remain to guard the fragile peace. Your party of adventurers is hired to carry out missions for the Knights. On your first mission, you stumble upon Draconians, long believed to have left the area. What are their plans? On your travels you have to face dangers in many dungeons and towns and might even meet some of the legendary Heroes of the Lance.

Champions of Krynn is the first of SSI's "gold box" games set in the AD&D world of Dragonlance, with all the usual features: first-person view and movement in dungeons, towns and outposts, overland travel on a map of the area and tactical turn-based combat from a top-down perspective.

As the first game set in Krynn, it has several features unique to that setting: In character races, one can choose from Kender, Silvanesti or Qualinesti Elves and Mountain or Hill Dwarves in addition to humans and half-elves. Special character classes include Solamnic Knights, clerics of the major deities of Krynn and mages of either the Red or the White Robe. The deities grant special spells and powers to their respective clerics. Red and White mages have access to different spells and the phases of the moons of Krynn affect their spellcasting abilities.

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