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Select your 4 adventurers and descend into the depths of the dungeon.

Dungeon Master was a significant enhancement to the 3D dungeon crawl type of role-playing adventure game started by Wizardry and The Bard's Tale. The addition of a mouse-based (real-time) combat and inventory system in Dungeon Master has been repeated by the Eye of the Beholder Trilogy, Lands of Lore series, and other late-classic-era RPG games.

Without a doubt one of the best RPGs ever made for any computer, FTL's Dungeon Master is an epic RPG masterpiece that revolutionizes and rejuvenates the genre in much the same way as Baldur's Gate did over a decade later. More than anything, the game epitomizes the "gameplay over graphics" tenet that is fading fast in today's preoccupation with 3D accelerated games. At the time when the game was released (whether Amiga, Commodore, ST, or PC), there were many better looking RPGs on the market. Few, however, could match the game in sheer addictiveness.

The premise, which isn't one of the game's strong points, is very tenuous and simple: you control a party of up to four adventurers of various races who must find their way through a 12-level dungeon and defeat its owner (an evil wizard, of course). There are naturally all sorts of encounters along the way that will enable you to improve your character's strengths and skills, and pocket a few nifty magical items. It's a dungeon crawl, nothing more, nothing less, played from a first person perspective. So what's new?

What Dungeon Master lacks in terms of storyline and writing, it more than makes up for with sheer playability, ingenious puzzles, and incredible atmosphere. The puzzles go above and beyond simple "find key to unlock door" puzzles of a typical RPG-- they include fiendish riddles, physical puzzles, and inventory-based puzzles that fans of adventure games will appreciate. No matter how difficult they are, though, they are very logical and addictive. I fondly recall the number of nights I've laid awake in bed, thinking about how to past that blasted mysterious door.. on nights that I wasn't hooked with the game far into the wee hours of the morning, that is. The game's immersive atmosphere is achieved by a combination of real-time play (allowing the monsters to attack you by surprise, for example), great sound effects, and depth of role-playing features. Many races in the game had hitherto been unavailable in any RPG, and high-level spells are very imaginative (these are not your run-of-the-mill Lightning Bolts). The game's anal-retentive attention to detail, such as the fact that you must always pay attention to your party members' thirst and hunger levels and feed them when necessary, may be a nuisance to beginners or casual RPGers, but for anal-retentive gamers, it's a dream come true.

Overall, Dungeon Master is one of the most addictive RPGs you'll ever play. Although the game's depth and scope may scare beginners away, its adventure-game style puzzles that take precedence over pointless combats should entice them to try it out. For an in-depth dungeon crawl, there's no better game in town. Don't consider yourself an RPG fan if you've never played this classic. Too bad FTL never ported the sequel Chaos Strikes Back to the PC.

This is undoubtedly one of the most renowned role playing games in history. It was originally created for the ST in the early 80s and was one of the more successful Dungeon Crawler Games. The Graphics are not a lot to look at but considering how old the game is who cares!! The Game play and the spell system for this game is quite unique having to figure out what spell does what assembling them from Runes symbols. The object of the game is to travel down through the various Dungeons (7 I think) to confront Chaos. There is a vast amount of creatures to Battle with granted. Graphically sad for this day & age but it still gets to u with the sound effects. The game is so compelling you actually get pulled into it. One minute everything is silent and the next thing you hear is the snort of the Dragon. I think I can safely say I was not the only person in the world to jump out of their skin!! Another amazing feature of this Game is with the 4 characters which you pick in the hall of fame at the beginning. When your characters become injured by a stray Fireball or a Lightning Bolt your characters will actually slow down as if injured for real. I haven't seen this attribute on many games and this adds a realism which surpasses such games as Eye of the Beholder & so on. You can also become encumbered with weight which also adds a unique realism to the game. FTL made the mistake of joining Psynosis who were not interested in the game play but graphics and they haven't changed after all these years. How many people ever saw the end of Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga? I rest my case. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who has not yet played it.

The grandfather of all dungeon crawlers. Dungeon Master was the first game using the now famous game engine using the 3D view. This game is the reason for the later famous games like Eye Of The Beholder, Lands Of Lore, Descent To Untermountain etc.

You have one single mission in the game and that is to destroy the evil lord. Before you can do that you will have to explore several levels in the dungeon and you will of course meet many different monsters and they are getting tougher and tougher the deeper you go in the dungeons. Over all a must for all roleplay gamers.

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