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The sequel (Chaos Strikes Back is between Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master 2) to the great classic roleplay game Dungeon Master. Some people have regarded this as just an add on to the first Dungeon Master but really should be considered as a new game even though the developers of the game have decided to stick with the same game engine. Can't argue against that since Dungeon Master was quite popular and still is. But other than keeping the game engine the game interface is also the same and as with all games in this genre up to the first game in the Lands of Lore series you can easily control your character actions, inventory etc. fast with either your mouse or keyboard.

Chaos Strikes Back is not as large as Dungeon Master so you might think you can complete this game a bit faster. I don't think you can since the game level is a good part more difficult so you will without doubt spend more time on each level. But it is of course also expected that you have already completed Dungeon Master with this game being a sequel. It's also recommended that you do this since you might otherwise miss parts of the story in the game.

With the improved graphics, slightly improved game engine there are of course new monsters, items and maybe most important - new puzzles. Each of them similar to the ones seen in the first game but all are slightly tougher. This is of course only expected. Overall a great game and for true roleplay fans this game offers a lot of great gameplay and Chaos Strikes Back shows how a dungeon crawler needs to be. With the minor improved graphics and sound this makes it a worth sequel to FTL's popular Dungeon Master.

Lord Chaos - big bad guy from Dungeon Master - is back! Again you got to make your way through a dungeon to defeat him. The dungeon is divided into four parts - one for each class. The part for the fighter contains puzzles that have to be solved using strenght, the mage's part needs the right use of magery and so on. In general the gameplay is the same as in Dungeon Master - the game is just a LOT more challenging. Just after starting the game you got to act fast or you're eaten by ugly hungry creatures. The game is hard - don't think you can solve it on an afternoon!

Chaos Strikes Back came with a lot of new features like an editor for the character images and an oracle. As this version is an amateur port of the atari version you shouldn't rely on it though. However apart from a few crashes in the editor part everything seems to work fine and you can see that Paul Stevens - the guy who did the port - got some serious skills. The game is meant to be run in Windows though and I do not know how happily it will run on older systems. On MY system it was a very nice thing and I can highly recommend it. I might also add that my favorite (german) gaming magazine (Power Play - but only with the 1990 crew!) gave this game the highest rating (94%) in 1990 (which also happens to be my favorite year in gaming history).


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